About AI Labs

AI Labs Group was founded in 2017 with a unique blend of industry domain knowledge and expertise in cutting edge AI technology. Our aim is to make complex AI technology simple to use and thereby accelerate AI adoption and digital transformation journeys of our customers. This principle is encapsulated in our suite of commercial products viz. AI Boost®, AI Sight, AI Power and AI Distill. Our products and services are suited to end users with a wide range of skill domains, irrespective of the size of the organisation, and assist their AI journey in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner.

Why AI Labs?

  • Our products focus on ensuring accelerated adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the industry
  • We employ a consultative approach to maximize success in demonstrating business value
  • We leverage lessons learnt during previous Proof of Value activities for ‘AI-fication’
  • We have strong industry expertise across various skill domains to accelarate AI adoption
  • We are aware and work around challenges associated to good quality data availability in industry

Where we can help?

  • We offer 'cradle to grave' AI solutions
  • We help identify low hanging fruits in the AI-fication journey
  • We can start with demonstrating Proof of Value (PoV) of an AI solution
  • We can migrate PoV to full fledged AI solution with appropriate scaling
  • We support development of collective understanding around AI
  • We help to demystify AI and burst some of the surrounding myths and hypes